My 2014 gratitude list

2014 wasn’t a perfect year. It kinda stressed me out. Overtime at work and my stupid ear¬†continuing to plague me ate up a lot of my joy. I’m trying to move forward into 2015 with hope. I have goals that I am thinking about, but before I share those, I wanted to share what I’m grateful for from 2014.

1. As always, my husband. New Year’s Eve marked seven years since he asked me to marry him.

2. Creativity and the chance to use it in my job. My coworkers and I created a pretty sweet haunted house for a Halloween event.

3. Speaking of creativity, we also created Santa’s Workshop for a Christmas event. Although the process of building this is crazy exhausting, I relish in the creative details all over.

4. This adorable puppy. I was heartbroken when my sister had to put her sweet 13 year old Lacey to sleep in June. This sweet face filled our hearts with lots of joy. Gracie is a welcome addition to my sis’s family.

5. A chance to see the beauty of Niagara Falls. 

6. A surprise trip to Las Vegas. Drew totally pulled it off. I had no idea until we were on a shuttle to the airport. We saw the Impractical Jokers live, and then explored the city, including the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars.

7. Pie. I started making homemade pies this year after reading this book, and the therapy of playing in flour and butter has been amazing for me. 

8. Fun and laughter. I forget how much this will replenish your tank. Playing Lego Harry Potter with Drew is super fun, and a ridiculous game with my nephews had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

9.Yoga. I’m learning more how this craft makes my entire body feel relaxed and at ease.

10. Cross-stitch. I rediscovered this craft this year. It’s been a new avenue for my creativity. It’s nice to create something from an existing pattern. Sometimes coming up with things from scratch is exhausting.

I hope 2014 was just as good to you. What are you thankful for from the year?




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  1. As a family we wrote something down each day of the year we were thankful for and got together a few times to share them… the last time December 28 where we covered about 6 months! We decided to do that again this year. I got an extra calendar and hung it up where I exercise so I can write my stuff down.
    I am thankful for my family and that my kids all did well in college this year. At one point all 3 were taking classes. Everyone has been healthy and I started running this year and ran in two half marathons of which I enjoyed the last one. God has provided all we needed.

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