Love Can Win

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I am not happy about our new president. Watching the events of the election play out, I was appalled and saddened by his many hurtful words and actions. The day after he was elected, I burst into tears. I was overwhelmed that such a hateful man could rise to such power.

I know this particular election was extremely hard for everyone. People had their reasons for voting how they did. I am trying to extend grace to those who voted for Trump. I don’t always do that well, but I’m trying.

For me and for so many others, this election was not about “our side losing.” I’m registered NPA (No Party Affiliation). I don’t have a side. I’ve voted Democrat and I’ve voted Republican. I hate the two party system. I think it does little more than keep us divided. This election is also not about policies. Any one else could have won and I would have been fine, even if I disagreed with his/her policies.

This is about a man who is extremely unqualified. A man who admitted to committing sexual assault and then dismissed it as no big deal. A man that is so un-Christlike and yet still captured the vote of so many Christians. This is about a man that scares me. A lot.

I am sad and fearful.

And yet today, I feel a glimmer of hope. I saw pictures of the brave women (and men) who peacefully protested. I saw unity and love. I did not march with them physically, but I applaud their courage.

I am choosing to speak out in my own way. Tonight, I finished a song that has been floating through my head for months. I started it last year shortly after Trump announced he was running. After hearing many of his hateful words, I sat down and strummed through some chords. Three words came to mind as I hummed a melody.

Love can win.

I have come back to those words so many times over the past year. Some days I am completely overwhelmed by the hate in the world, yet I refuse to give up hope.

Love can win.

I came back to those words tonight. This song is my reminder to me and to any one listening.

Love Can Win

The more of this world that I see
The more I want to pack up and leave
Life is heavy and so much feels wrong
Hate is here and it feels so strong
I’m left wondering, can love win?

Hate overwhelms all the tones of the heart
It crushes and it stomps on every single part
But there is one tone that always rings true
It pushes through the darkness and brings light to every hue
And to this I will cling, love can win

Hate you have no place here
Love has made the way clear

Love is stronger than any other force
It multiplies and grows from every source
So I will keep fighting with every bit of my heart
This is the message I want to impart
Love can win, love can win

Love can win, love can win, love can win

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