Advent Do-Over

We took our Christmas tree down today (don’t judge.) The living room looks empty now. I always hate to take down the decorations, and I’m glad that Drew is so patient with my desire to leave them up just a bit longer. I’ve been thinking about this Christmas season in the last couple weeks.

My current job is in event planning. Although exciting and filled with creative opportunities, it’s also incredibly exhausting. The first two weeks of December were a complete blur as I helped plan a neighborhood event for about 1000 people. The last half of December I was a total zombie as I tried to get my brain to work again.

I feel like I missed out on Christmas this year. That makes me sad, since it’s my favorite time of year. I want an Advent do-over. I don’t want all the hustle and bustle and craziness, but I want the quiet worship. The carols. The soft glow of the Christmas tree. The lighting of the Advent wreath. The magical story of the manger. The expectation and the waiting for a Savior. The sweet feeling of a warm home and people you love nearby.

Although the Christmas tree may be gone, I can still relish in a warm home and my loving husband close to me. I can still have quiet worship, even if they aren’t Christmas carols. And I can still read the story of sweet baby Jesus, and relish in the future of that baby and what it means for me.

I hope your Christmas season was wonderful and that your New Year has continued to bless you.

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  1. No judgment here — we didn’t even put up our Christmas tree this year (sad Grinch face). The winter months are SO DARK in NW WA that I avoid acknowledging the season as long as possible. Then, when I finally feel in the holiday spirit, it’s not worth all the set up and tear down for two or three weeks of decorations. I’m going to load a reminder in my outlook calendar for Thanksgiving 2015: “Christmas. Don’t miss out” (done. No excuses this year).

    I really like the Advent Do-Over idea. I enjoyed this blog series by my friend Sara – she’s the one I told you I want to be like when I grow up. 🙂

  2. In our house the christmas tree routinely makes it to around the 3rd week of January so they’ll be no judging from me.

    1000 people?!! I’ll admit event planning and the like is so far outside my skillset that I am invariably impressed by those who excel at it – but 1000?! Man, I just don’t know how you do that?

    As for advent-do overs. You know, that’s just a cool idea. Family. Jesus. Thankfulness for both. Definitely things I could do with reflecting on and (gulp) organising/planning ways to get together and celebrate more often. I frequently find months can just roll by without my getting quality time with the people that matter most.

    1. I just saw your comment (haven’t been keeping up with the blog again) and I just wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting!

      And yes. 1000 people at an event is pretty crazy. Luckily most of the rest I help plan only have a couple hundred. Even still, very draining.

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