Beauty everywhere

I’m home on my first ever snow day. A freak wintry mix has been spreading through the south, causing mass hysteria. Much warranted hysteria, I might add, with the crazy traffic issues that have happened in Atlanta. Here in Florida, it’s not nearly that bad, but the entire town is practically closed. Many are rolling their eyes, claiming how much we’re overreacting when we didn’t even get any snow.

I’m quite glad that our town overreacted, because the much anticipated snow that never fell wasn’t the issue. The potential for icy roads and black ice that none of us have a clue how to drive on is the scary part. I think the smartest thing the city can do is keep as many people home as possible.

So, here I sit, warm and dry in my home. I’m thankful that we’re safe, and that I’ve not heard of any major accidents. When I awoke this morning, it was with anticipation at the possible snow fall. Although we didn’t technically get snow, there was definitely cold stuff falling from the sky. Freezing rain, hail, ice pellets, whatever. It’s still something we don’t see, and it’s still beautiful.

I’m amazed when I sit back and think of all that God created. Frozen stuff falling from the sky is just plain cool. (Northerners, don’t punch me in the face please.)

As I walked through my crunchy front yard, I smiled at the beauty in simple frozen water.

Snowed in
Frozen birdbath

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  1. I think it is amazing that anything falls from the sky…. rain, snow, ice, sleet. It is all beautiful in its own way….. weather in all its aspects is pretty amazing… the wind, the precipitation, the sun, clouds, hot and cold fronts, jet streams, fog, and so on…. just one of God’s amazing things he put together.

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