Do I have to worship WITH other people?

Corporate worship is kind of a problem when you don’t like people.

I worship fine on my own. In the quiet of the morning, with my coffee, tapping away at my laptop keys, I worship. As I take a walk through a beautiful park on a Spring day, I worship. In the blissful silence of downtime by myself, I worship.

Come Sunday morning, surrounded by people, not so much. Part of my problem stems from being an introvert. I feel like my introverted tendencies have come out in full force in the last couple years. I don’t know if it’s just a phase, or if it’s from using up all of my extrovertedness in years past. Whatever the reason, being around people exhausts me way more than it used to. And Sunday mornings just don’t sound very fun anymore.

Another part of my problem with corporate worship is that the rest of the congregation didn’t seem to get the memo that we’re in worship. I’ve shared before about my pet peeve of people talking during communion, or even during the ENTIRE SERVICE. Call me crazy, but I’m here to focus on God, not to overhear your lunch plans.

Corporate worship is so important. I want to be a part of it, to feel engaged in it. Instead, it leaves me drained and frustrated. I long to shut everyone else out and worship on my own. But that kind of defeats the point.

There comes a point where I probably just need to grit my teeth and do my darndest to engage in the service. But even then, I feel like we’re all just worshiping on our own, in our own little bubble. We just happen to be in the same room.

What are your thoughts on corporate worship? Do you ever struggle with it?


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    1. I’m glad to hear that. I think part of the distraction lies in the fact that I sit toward the back most of the time. Which seems to be where all the whispering takes place.

  1. Honestly, I think it’s ok to skip corporate worship for a week or two or more. Sometimes, God calls us to worship in solitude. Obviously, fellowship is important, but if you’re simply “enduring” a church service because you feel obligated to go, then are you truly worshiping from the heart, as you’re called to do? Especially if you spend most of the service being annoyed at the whisperers… 😉

    I haven’t gone to church regularly in over a year; just on the occasion that the mood strikes me. (I am as introverted as a person can possibly be!) And honestly, it’s been wonderful! I wake up, sit around in my PJs, and just spend some time in prayer and in reading Scripture. I might even throw on some classical hymns if I’m feeling crazy! But, honestly… right now, it’s all I need. I find that solitude is the only place I truly feel God’s presence. And He is all I need to worship.

    1. Kristi, Thanks so much for sharing. I really am just going to church out of obligation, but maybe I need to take some time by myself in prayer and getting right with God before I return. Beautiful thoughts.

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