It’s good to laugh

I am a very emotional person. I am passionate, quiet, and often pensive. I am guilty of taking things way too seriously. Sometimes I need to lighten up.

This whole worship struggle is no different. When I fail to connect with a song on Sunday, it’s like the entire Christian church has utterly failed me. I throw up my hands in despair, wondering why I even make the effort of coming to church on Sunday. It’s hopeless! *sigh*

I have to remind myself to lighten up. It’s not the end of the world and my faith does not ride on one song.

It’s also really good to laugh.

It’s why I love blogs like Stuff Christians Like, because instead of agonizing over the stupid things the church does that drive me crazy, it pokes fun at them (in a loving way, of course). That blog has helped me lighten up immensely.

It’s also why I love Christian comedian Tim Hawkins. I’ve shared before how I feel that “Christian” things often fall short of the goal or try way too hard to be cool. Tim Hawkins is one of those exceptions. He is funny. I stumbled across this video on Youtube and had trouble breathing, I was laughing so hard. His thoughts on worship are hysterical, and it feels good to laugh about it, rather than agonize over the negative impacts it’s having on me.


2 Replies to “It’s good to laugh”

  1. Laughter is so important! I loved that video by the way. It is sooo accurate about the “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” song. Kristal and I both have said that exact same thing many, many times. As a guy, I couldn’t agree more about the way some modern songs are written are just creepy and weird to men. Great post!

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