The warm fuzzy

There is a lesson I’ve had to learn. I thought I had known it all along, but I think it’s just now sinking in.

Worship is not about the pursuit of the warm fuzzy.

Years ago in church, while I sang along with the music, there was a sweet sensation that would overtake my body. It was like that feeling when you’re first falling in love with someone. I felt all warm and tingly inside and simply overtaken with emotion. Warm fuzzies. Ahhhh…

God wants us to feel loved and wants us to love Him. Warm fuzzies aren’t all bad. Sometimes God gives us those feelings to encourage us. But when worship becomes all about the pursuit of the warm fuzzy, it becomes a problem.

All was well and good in my worship world as long as my warm fuzzies weren’t interrupted. Then suddenly, they were gone, and I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t know what to do.

I’ve known all along that worship isn’t about good feelings for me. It’s giving back to God what He has given to me. It’s honoring Him and obeying Him. It’s thanking Him for all the good things in my life, even when I don’t feel there is much good.

Even though I knew this in my head, my heart was still way confused when the happy feelings went away. Without the warm fuzzies, it’s like worship isn’t worship.

To be totally honest, I think it’s God who took the warm fuzzies away. And I think He did it on purpose. Why?

To challenge me.

To push me out of my comfort zone.

To remind me what true worship is.

So I suppose it’s time to redefine my worship. If it’s not about the warm fuzzies, what is it really about? What should I be focused on if it’s not a big bear hug from God?

Here’s a few ideas to get me started:

  • God’s goodness. Although sometimes it feels “overdone,” it’s so true, and so important.
  • God’s mercy. I am a spoiled little brat. I don’t know why He puts up with me.
  • God’s grace. Grace is a really beautiful thing.

Again, these are all things I know, but don’t… know. Trying to figure out how to focus on them is still a challenge.

15 Replies to “The warm fuzzy”

  1. When I first was saved I knew the “warm fuzzies” as well. I think the Lord allows those because we are at a place of just learning who He is. But as I learned more about Him, my focus has changed. I just did a study on one of his name…El Shaddai…the All Sufficient. I learned that He is all I need. I receive,on top of Him, because He is gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love toward me. My worship had changed and I was somehow confused until I realized it wasn’t about me, but it’s all about Jesus. Love, real love, is a decision, not a feeling. Every once in awhile God will send me the warm fuzzy again, but it’s always when I least expect it. I love reading your posts, sweet Jamie. You are one special lady to Uncle Chet and me. Watching you grow and mature through your work with the African Children’s Choir has blessed our socks off!

  2. Maybe churches should hand out Snuggies at the beginning of their services, to ensure a spiritual experience.

    I’m right there with you…these days, things that make an impact on me usually lead me to tears, not a supernatural hug. I think there’s worship buried under my grief, humility, gratitude, and appreciation. I know the raw material is there, it just doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything with it.

  3. I think you are on the right track in your thinking
    Perhaps the “milk and meat” analogy has some validity here. As “children” the “warm fuzzies” were crucial to the faith; but as we mature we need to sit up to the table and cut through the gristle and find the rich nourishment of the gospel. (I almost put a question mark at the end of that sentence. Perhaps that would be appropriate.

  4. This is a great post Jamie! Worship is about God, not about us. Worship isn’t just music and does not just happen in church. Worship is also using our talents and abilities (even our pain) for His glory. It is a God-focus in our hearts and minds.

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