Life is crazy, but life is good

Life has been a little crazy lately. Good crazy, but it’s still left me little time to write, process, think, and sometimes even breathe.

Which is why I’m thankful for Sundays. I’m thankful for lazy days spent watching movies and cuddling with my husband. Lazing out on the porch on a beautiful fall afternoon, watching the birds fight over the feeder. Snuggling up in a favorite sweatshirt that reminds me of travels from years ago. Leisurely strolls around Costco eating enough samples to call it a meal. Taking my first trip to an overly crowded Trader Joe’s and grabbing every possible pumpkin flavored object off the shelf. Spiked apple cider at the end of the day.

Life is crazy, but life is good. I love these little moments where I can stop and be content.