Living with kindness: Thoughts from watching a Thai insurance video

I used to be a soft hearted person. I loved people, and helping them in any way possible. As I’ve grown older, cynicism has slowly crept in as I’ve seen the nasty things people do and say. I’ve been stung by the harsh words and actions of others. I’ve started keeping others at a distance, overly cautious and afraid of what they might be capable of.

I was paging through my Facebook news feed, and something prompted me to click on this video.

It brought tears to my eyes. I needed that reminder that no matter how others respond to my actions, I need to be kind, thoughtful, and caring. Every day offers me chances to serve others, and I need to use every chance I get.

Jesus was often treated with contempt and hatred. I’m not sure why I expect (and often demand) better treatment than He received. Just because someone treats me with contempt does not mean that I need to offer the same emotion back to them.

Do you find it hard to live with kindness and thoughtfulness?

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  1. Thank you for sharing the video and your heart. Sometimes there is no tangible reward for kindness shown. Be kind anyway.

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