Gratitude: Puppies and pumpkin pie

In the midst of a very busy month, I'm still thankful.

  1. Thanksgiving. Long weekend, family time, good food, and a reminder to be thankful.
  2. My sister. We've always been close, and I love the inside jokes we have. Nobody makes soupy mashed potatoes like we do.
  3. Mom and Dad. Thanksgiving has been at their house for the past few years. Even though it's not the house I grew up in, it still feels like home.
  4. My nephews. Love these guys.
  5. My husband. So thankful that he does all the driving on long road trips and never complains when I sleep half the time. I feel so safe with him.
  6. My African “kids.” A friend posted an updated photo on Facebook of some of our African Children's Choir kids. I was amazed at how they've grown. So proud of them and the way they're growing into amazing men and women. 
  7. This precious little thing (unfortunately not mine). Puppy cuddles undo loads of stress. 
  8. Cuban coffee. Yum.
  9. Singing some tough Dvorak and Haydn. Beautiful melodies make my soul happy.
  10. Pumpkin pie. Quite possibly my favorite dessert.

What are you thankful for?


3 Replies to “Gratitude: Puppies and pumpkin pie”

  1. I’m thankful for Guatemala. The people of Guatemala have captured my heart over the past two years, and I’m looking forward to a possible return trip in 2014.

  2. 1. Turkey sandwiches
    2. Time off for Thanksgiving
    3. A good job
    4. So faithful God
    5. Best friends
    6. Football!!
    7. Good movies
    8. Christmas sweets
    9. Books, Books, Books

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