The most perplexing Man I know

The first time I picked up a Bible I could understand, I was hooked. I read through the gospels and was intrigued and confused by Jesus. He compelled me. I longed to know what made Him do and say the things He said. He never made excuses or apologized. He didn’t seem to care what others thought of Him.

Throughout this whole faith crisis, I am happy to report that my belief in Jesus has never wavered. Every time I return to the gospels, I see a man that I am proud to worship. I see someone full of faith, love, compassion, and all things good. I still see that complex man that I could not figure out that first time I cracked open the New Testament and couldn’t put it down. He still perplexes me as much as he perplexed college me.

If every other foundation of my Christian faith were proved false, if all the rules and truths I’ve been taught crumbled to pieces, I would still come back to Jesus. I would still serve Him, even if it meant completely going back to the drawing board, reworking every part of my life that I thought was so sure.

If I believe in nothing else, I will always believe in Jesus.

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