Letting go

I'm having a hard time with church. I feel hurt, betrayed, and let down by Christianity. Because of that, I really want to walk away from church. I'm a bit of a loner anyway, and besides, people get on my nerves.

Who needs church, anyway?

I do.

Despite all my hurts, resentments, and overall annoyances with the Christian culture, I know I need the community. I need people that can hold me accountable, because when left to my own devices, I'm not always a great person. I need people to love me despite my flaws. I even need people that I don't see eye to eye with, because living around people that only believe the way I do is boring. How will I ever stretch and grow if I'm not around people that view the world differently?

I'm working through these issues, trying to let my resentments go. It's hard to let go when I've gripped them so tight for so long. It's hard to let down my guard and open my heart again.

I'll continue to chip away the hard-heartedness. In the meantime, I'm sorry for the way I've treated the body of Christ.


10 Replies to “Letting go”

  1. Jamie
    I think there is great value in doing what you are doing. To stick with what you know is right and good even during the hurt and pain is good for your soul. It is inspiring as well.

  2. Jamie,

    What I find encouraging about this is that there’s room for things to get better, and for Jesus to give you something better than you had before.
    I’ve been exactly where you are, and I can say the other side can definitely be much better.

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