Fireworks and bowling balls…A belated Gratitude List

I completely blanked out last week and forgot to do my monthly gratitude list. Whoops. Well, better late than never. Here’s what I’m thankful for this month.

  1. A new job. Things are going really well, and I’m thankful to work with a great group of people.
  2. Bowling. My old job started a bowling league right as I put in my notice. They invited me to come along and join anyway. I’m having a blast hanging out with my old coworkers, and the bowling’s even been fun. It’s been nice to do something simply for the sake of having fun.
  3. Energy to write. My energy’s been waning a bit lately, but last weekend I felt totally energized and got a lot of work done on my book. It felt good to get so much done.
  4. Music with friends. Along with my husband (an awesome bassist), and a great drummer friend, we jammed a bit recently. We’re hoping to record soon. Stay tuned!
  5. Fresh fruit. I’m not a huge summer fan due to the heat, but I love the fresh berry bounty that summer brings.
  6. A husband that cooks!!! Now that I’m working more hours and coming home a little more weary, my husband has willingly stepped up to more dinner duty. Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is?
  7. Good books. I’ve been reading a lot more lately, and discovering some great new authors like Anne Lamott, Rachel Held Evans, and Ian Morgan Cron.
  8. Fireworks. Rain delayed things by a couple days, but the show didn’t disappoint. 
  9. A good friend returning home. I’m so excited to see a friend who’s been away for a year. I’m looking forward to long coffee dates and catching up.
  10. Speaking of coffee… I’m getting to work earlier these days, so my love affair with coffee has deepened even more.

What are you thankful for this month?

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