Free books and yummy pancakes: gratitude

What are you grateful for this month? Here's my list.

  1. Coffee on the front porch.
  2. Watching my nephew pitch in his Little League game. They may have lost, but he pitched no runs in one inning. I'm proud of that dude.
  3. An awesome week off, relaxing and getting projects done.
  4. Date day with Drew. In one day, we did two movies, rooftop drinks, dinner, and cruising around town with no particular destination.
  5. New opportunities that lie ahead.
  6. A warm, cozy bed that I know I can return to every night.
  7. New recipes that turn out AWESOME. I made this pancake recipe last night and man, was it good.
  8. Evernote. I'm just starting to use this helpful app. I like being able to take down my random thoughts and organize them.
  9. The library. Have you heard about this magical place? Drew and I recently had our cards inactivated, because our mailing address is a P.O. box that doesn't prove our county residency. We finally fixed this (all it took was bringing in a piece of mail with our home address) and I checked out a book that I'm loving. Free books. How cool.
  10. My husband's endless sense of humor. This man can find humor in the most miniscule thing, and I love that he keeps me laughing everyday.

5 Replies to “Free books and yummy pancakes: gratitude”

  1. What’s a Library?? LOL

    1. I do love libraries. Both the brick and mortar ones and the fingertip ones.

    2. And pancakes… I am really thankful for them.

    3. Coffee early in the morning

    4. Baseball … any league

    5. Warm weather

    6. Green

    7. Finished projects

    8. My son a former Army Ranger and my daughter’s boyfriend both accepted into a hard to get into nursing program which may lead to an advanced field of study in medicine.

    9. Deep relationships


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