Are we too comfortable in worship?

Contemporary services are great. No stuffy churches and organ music that sounds like it's from four centuries ago. A place where everyone feels welcome and can come as they are, with no pressure to dress a certain way. But sometimes I wonder if we've grown too comfortable in these “come as you are” services.

Jesus made God accessible, and I get the feeling He's the type of guy you could be yourself around, maybe have a beer with. If He were in the room, I think I could be comfortable around Him. Laugh and tell fun stories.

And yet, part of our God is still the holy, terrifying God of the Old Testament. Part of our faith lies in the fact that we are completely unworthy of the grace we've been offered. That God could strike us down in one second, and probably should.

Sometimes I long for a stuffy church and a beautiful Bach prelude played on that centuries old organ. I want to be in a place that “feels” holy, where people are quiet and reverent. A place I can be completely repentant in as I lay my sins at His feet. A place where people are fearful because of the mighty God watching them.

When I walk through the doors of a contemporary service, I don't always feel that I can do that there. I feel the pressure to be celebratory and excited. There's a feeling that I can waltz right into the Holy of Holies, with no repercussions.

I confess that I need to spend more of my own time confessing and laying prostrate before Him. I spend my life way too comfortable around God. I know I can chat with Him like a friend, but I would do well to remember who He is.


5 Replies to “Are we too comfortable in worship?”

  1. Great question. If we are simply comfortable with the exterior stuff and allow The Lord to make us uncomfortable where we need to be, then we might be in the right tension for worship.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this post since I read it when it was originally posted. Perhaps give organ music another chance. Organ music played well by a good organist touches my soul like nothing else. I attend a praise band church on Sundays, but sometimes I go to a nearby pipe organ church on Thursday nights to hear their organ. There is something wonderful and amazing about the combination of voice and pipe organ when singing hymns as a congregation. I am happy though that you have at least heard organ music! So many dismiss it without ever giving it a chance.

    1. Oh, I LOVE good organ music. My husband and I typically find a “higher” church during Advent because we love the traditional carols on organ. When I referred to it as “stuffy,” I’m more referring to the general population’s opinion. It’s sad that most people won’t even give it a chance.

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