Disrespect during communion

I'm angry.

I'm tired of people tromping all over communion time like it's not important. It's become another ritual that we do each week. We make our way up the aisle and gulp down the elements without really thinking about what it all means. I'm so tired of people disrespecting it.

I don't think most realize what they're doing. But I find myself super sensitive to the people around me. Those that look at me funny when I don't jump in line right away, because I choose to take a few moments in my seat to pray, reflect, and prepare. People that talk and visit and whisper as they wait in line.

I suppose for some, communion isn't a big deal. It's just something we do on Sunday morning. For me, it's incredibly important, and when those around me start whispering while I'm trying to pray, it's really disruptive.

One Sunday during communion, a woman interrupted my quiet time to compliment me on my dress. I appreciated the sentiment, but the timing was terrible.

Please, people. Communion is not social hour. Be silent and reverent, if for nothing else than out of respect for those who desperately need those few blessed moments of silence and reflection.
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Remember the great sacrifice our Savior made for us and how communion honors that sacrifice.


7 Replies to “Disrespect during communion”

  1. I would find that distracting too. I do not like it when anyone talks(they think they are whispering) during service either. I think if you must talk then take it outside and if it can’t wait write a note.

  2. Every Catholic communion I’ve observed (I wasn’t allowed to partake as I am not Catholic), they were extremely reverent in silence, approach, crossing themselves, kneeling to accept and praying. The sacred rituals of Catholocism to me seem to be more reverent and sacred than the Protestant counter-parts. Again, just what I’ve observed.

    1. I have noticed this too. I observed a Catholic service once, and at the time, found it kind of “stuffy.” Now, I think I would appreciate the reverence, silence, and holiness. I’m finding I’m leaning more toward traditional, liturgical type services lately.

  3. Being a leader in a church, this sounds like a leadership issue to me. Communion needs to be framed with specific tone and there are many different ways to remember Christ during this sacrament. Sometimes familiarity brings dullness. Finding fresh language or highlighting focus is necessary for communicators but especially in repeated areas that our brains so easily want to box and process in our own understanding. Communion, of all times, should be filled with the moves of God’s spirit as we remember Jesus. Thanks for sharing.

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