Pictionary and the Empty Tomb: My Gratitude List

Time for the monthly gratitude list! Here’s what I’m thankful for this month.

  1. A little extra winter. ?I know the Northerners are throwing slushballs my way, but down here in the humid land of Florida, I’m grateful to postpone the stifling heat of summer as long as possible. Our spring lasts roughly 3 1/2 days.
  2. Quiet Communion services. My church offered a communion service each week during Lent, and I made a commitment to go. Though I missed a couple weeks (working late and then just plain forgetfulness), I was glad I went. It was so refreshing to have a few minutes of quiet and reflection each week.
  3. Mozart. Like I shared before, that boy is making my brain work overtime each week. And I’m grateful for that. Those beautiful, soaring melodies are working their way into my heart as well.
  4. The greedy birds in my front yard. I suppose it’s the cold weather snap that’s upped their appetites. I’m filling that feeder all the time. I don’t mind. They’re fun to watch.
  5. Conversations with friends that leave you thinking for days. I’m thankful for friends who inspire and challenge me.
  6. Staying home on rainy days. I love rain… when I’m home and cuddled under a blanket. That’s exactly what I got to do a couple weekends ago. So soothing and relaxing.
  7. My hilarious husband. On this April 1st, I’m reminiscing back to the time when he and I faked an engagement on April Fools Day. We fooled many. He’s so fun to do life with.
  8. Winning at Pictionary with my hubby. I love the connection we have, and apparently it works with crappy stick figure drawings too.

    This was Drew's favorite drawing, although I did not guess it. I gave him points for creativity once I knew the answer.
  9. A full pantry. I love the feeling after grocery shopping when the pantry is plentiful. I am blessed.
  10. The Easter story. When hearing the resurrection story from John (my favorite version) yesterday, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m thankful that in spite of my hard heart, those familiar words still evoke emotion.

What are you thankful for this month?

6 Replies to “Pictionary and the Empty Tomb: My Gratitude List”

  1. 1. God’s Mercy and Forgiveness
    2. My families mercy
    3. Good Christian friends
    4. Green tea
    5. Improving back
    6. Fun Games
    7. Puppy found
    8. My Job
    9. Wise counsel
    10. Great books

      1. Oh It was…. It ran away when my son had him at a friends house. We stayed up most of the night looking for him in a 10 mile radius and up early the next morning; putting us signs and ads in the local newspaper; and other stuff. He finally came back to where he ran away from about 30 hours later a little beat up and he slept for the next 24 hours on and off. We were rejoicing as a family.

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