I can still sing to worship

Through all the worship frustrations lately, I still long to use my voice to worship. I believe my voice is a gift given by God, and I want to give it right back to Him.

Lately I’ve been noticing that the finely tuned instrument of my voice is not so finely tuned anymore. After graduating from the college of music at FSU, my voice was in tip-top shape. Not so much anymore.

I sing here and there, but nothing serious. I’ve noticed my breath control is pitiful, my range isn’t so spectacular and my voice just doesn’t flow so naturally anymore. I miss singing. REALLY singing.

I’ve tried to keep my voice in shape myself, but with limited success. I need accountability. I decided to join my city’s community choir. It’s a choir of volunteers (we pay to be a part of it). It’s not all professional musicians. We’re joined by one common bond: a love of singing.

On my first night there, Dr. Andre Thomas, an amazing conductor (and one of my professors from college) took the podium and commanded our attention. My butt slid forward on the seat, my posture snapped into position and I held my music high, anxious to start. We sight read through a piece to begin. I was nervous. It had been years since I had really sight read.

Our entrance came and 100 plus voices sprang to life. My nerves dissipated immediately. My voice melded into the beautiful blend of harmony that enveloped my ears. Sight reading felt effortless. I was struck at the volume that mere voices can produce.

And the beauty of that sound.

A hundred voices all united for one purpose. To sing and to sing well.

My heart felt full. As much as I enjoy singing other styles of music, choral music makes me happy. It makes me work. In the midst of all those voices, my voice blossoms.

With so much cynicism in my heart as of late, it’s refreshing to find music that I can put my heart and soul into. I may not be on the front row of worship with hands held high, but I will be at rehearsal each Monday evening with my posture straight and sheet music in hand.

I’m thankful that I can still lift my voice to God.

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