Finding God on the asphalt

What’s been your weirdest moment of worship?

Mine was lying in the middle of the street in the Australian outback at 9 p.m.

I was on tour with the African Children’s Choir, and had lucked out enough to score a spot on the Australia team (it’s a rough life, I know.) We toured literally in the middle of nowhere, to a town called Winton. I walked the entire diameter of the town in 20 minutes. If you walked 1 minute outside of town, you’d be smack dab in the middle of the outback.

There was very little traffic, even during rush hour, if they had that sort of thing. So, after bedtime, when all our little African babies were tucked safely in bed, we wandered to the outskirts of town and looked up at a huge sky. Then plopped ourselves onto the middle of the road, laid back on the asphalt, and propped our head in our hands.

Looking up, one of my friends wondered out loud, “I wonder where the Northern Star is?” Immediately after uttering it, we all burst out laughing, We kept forgetting we were in the Southern Hemisphere.

We talked a bit after that, and then fell silent as we fell in awe of the vast sky above us. It was truly amazing. And beautiful.

I sense God the most, hear Him the loudest when I am in nature. His creation never ceases to inspire me, and that night, lying underneath a gigantic Australian sky, I really felt Him. I took a big breath in, and relished in the fact that God was near, with me, and wasn’t going anywhere. I silently thanked Him for all the gifts and blessings He had given me. Without a note of music, without a word, I worshipped. I got up off that street, wiping bits of asphalt off my back, and felt a little more whole.

I didn’t expect to find God in the middle of the street, and yet, there He was.

Your turn. What’s your weirdest moment of worship?

6 Replies to “Finding God on the asphalt”

  1. Marching around our church seven times praying one Wednesday night. I was afraid our pastor would have us shout and the church would fall down.

  2. That’s an incredible story, I’ve got nothing that even comes close! Maybe I transposed the wrong hymnal number in my head rather than was was listed on the board. It took me about halfway through the song before I realized it. I’m acoustically challenged that way….

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