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I’m alive

October 7th, 2016 | Posted by jamie in Uncategorized

I’m here. I just haven’t been here lately. I apologize. Life has been busy. I just moved (same town, new home) and still haven’t fully unpacked. My days have been taken up by cardboard boxes.

I know that my website got hacked/spammed/whatever. My IT department (aka my hubby) has been working on it. We realized the site was down and decided to leave it down for a couple of weeks to try and deter the massive amounts of spam comments I was receiving daily. We got it up and running again, but are still working out a few kinks. My IT guy has also been consumed by the move.

I realized I have lost about a year of posts. I’ll be working on reposting all those in the near future. I had hoped to get that done about a month ago, but again, the move ate up most of my time. I have to find the back ups of my posts that I hopefully have somewhere (fingers crossed).

I also hope to get back to writing some new posts soon. In the meantime, enjoy this post that I shared on my other blog.

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  • Mark Allman

    Looking forward to your future posts! Glad you have a great IT guy!