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Another convicting article

February 9th, 2012 | Posted by jamie in Other people's thoughts

Here’s another interesting article. And here are my pull-out points.

– Worship is often no more than the opening act to the sermon and getting people “pumped up.” I talked about that in this blog.

– I am ashamed to say how many times I’ve “not been into” the song I was leading. It scares me how easy it is to fake it. As long as you look sincere, nobody knows how unenthusiastic you really are.

– The “I love peanut butter” line had me laughing. It’s so true. End something a cappella and sing it a bunch, and it just sounds worshipful. Sometimes we don’t really put much thought into what we’re singing.

– “If I suck as a singer people will complain that worship wasn’t ‘good’.  If it’s ‘too good’ then people will say I am ‘putting on [a] show’.  I try to keep it somewhere in the ‘safe zone’.” Very true. I’m totally guilty of judging worship leaders on musical ability or lack thereof.

– Sometimes worship gets boring for the worship leader because we end up always doing the crowd favorites. There have been several songs that I have sworn off because they have been sung into the ground. New, fresh songs are a good thing, people.

– “I don’t listen to ‘worship music’ unless I’m looking for a new song for Sunday.” Or in my case, I don’t listen to it at all anymore. I’m working on finding sacredness and worship in other music that still speaks to me.

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